Library Changes

Dear Students and Faculty,

Many changes are underway at the Library, and there are two recent ones I want to draw your attention to:

  1. The Library has purchased five new design research databases. These give you access to more than 1.1 million entries, and collectively comprise the premier research databases on the market for architecture, design, photography, and contemporary art. If you’re on campus, try them out now.
  2. We have unleashed our current periodicals from their oppressive red binders, and have given them a whole wall of space next to the large table. We think you will find them much easier to use now. We have also decided to no longer let them leave the library, in order to prevent them from walking away or being damaged, and because we’ll soon be letting many more people use our Library.Over the next few months, we will be changing many of our check-out policies in order to facilitate our participation in I-Share, a collaborative agreement between academic libraries in Illinois. Beginning in July, I-Share will allow you access to and borrowing privileges from 75 other colleges and universities, and it will also allow students and faculty from those schools to use our collection. You can look forward to having access to more than 32 million items at other schools, and being able to study at whichever college is most convenient for you.