Student Government Presents: First Town Hall Meeting

Date: Thursday, October 2nd    5:30-7:30pm    Room 106

Moderator: Student Government President Christopher Gerke

Answer Panel: Department Chairs, Facilities Manager, Dean of Education, President, Admissions, Student Accounts, and Student Services

Purpose: Town Hall is a chance for students to submit questions to the people who have the answers. Harrington students may ask any questions regarding school life, facilities, classes, etc. Student Government will review these questions for relevance and appropriateness. All answered questions will be read allowed during the Town Hall meeting, then transcribed and posted on Harrington’s Student Portal.

Questions to the Panel should be emailed to
Or given to a Student Government Representative.

*All questions need to be received before September 29th

*All questions received after the 29th will be carried over to the next Town Hall meeting.