Message from The Chicago School

Harrington Students:

With recent events in our world, including our economic outlook here in the U.S., many of us are feeling more stress than usual, even more than usual during this busy time of year.  Especially as we approach the holiday season, people may feel overwhelmed, worried about being able to pay for travel to be with loved ones, holiday shopping costs, or even worried about the stability and certainty of work and jobs for themselves, friends or family members.  You may be concerned about student loans or the job market outlook if you’re approaching graduation.  All this on top of final exams!

It seems like a good time to remind the Harrington community about an excellent resource for managing stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, and to get support in dealing with the uncertainty and worries about today’s headlines and how they may impact your future.

Harrington partners with The Chicago School to sponsor the Counseling Center, which is an on-campus service that provides counseling, referrals, resources, tools, and outreach events and programs.  A first consultation with Harrington’s counselor, Beth Schneider, M.A., is at no cost.  Sessions thereafter are offered on a sliding scale basis from $5 to $25, depending on your current resources.  To make an appointment or any inquiry about the Counseling Center, you can contact Beth at her confidential phone line:  312-410-8985, ext. 1.

All services are confidential, and you can feel free to contact the Counseling Center directly without a referral from another office on campus.

We wish you success with finals and a happy winter break!

Harrington Department of Student Services Partnering with The Chicago School