Odegard Rug Design Competition!

For inspiration check out  our rug competition in 2008:

Rug Competition 2008 Winner:


Rug Competition Auction 2008:


Odegard has different requirements:

*     The first prize winner will receive a 6′ x 9′ carpet hand woven from his or her design, and Odegard will include the winning design in its current carpet line for a period of at least three years, with royalties of 5% of net sales accruing to the author.

*     The first prize entrant will also be given the option of a two-month paid internship at one of Odegard’s U.S. showrooms.

*     At its sole discretion, Odegard may also offer any other entrant the option of entering into an agreement to market such entrant’s design in Odegard’s line of products. Such agreement will provide the author with a 5% royalty on any sales for the duration of such agreement.

*     NO COMPUTER RENDERINGS!  Your submission should be designed as a 6′ x 9′ sized carpet, rendered in 12″ x 18″ format. The final size of the rug image, and thus the submission, should be 12″ x 18″. All the submission page should contain is the rug image. Entries are viewed and judged while placed vertically on their 12″ side.

*     The new deadline for the competition is April 20, 2009 (regardless of postmark date, entries must be received by that date). The prestigious judges for the competition include Stephen Burks, Michele Oka Doner, Holly Hotchner, Jack Lenor Larsen, David McFadden, Mary McFadden, Stephanie Odegard and Calvin Tsao. To win a competition you always have to know the Judges, so check them out and  google them and flickr them!

  • We will send a package in a bulk. Deadline for the package bulk (free) send In is: April 10, 2009. Bring your board before this date to Peter Klick.

You will not get it back.  You need to check the online guidelines that Odegard has for the competition at:


Questions: Email pklick@interiordesign.edu