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SOM BlackBox lecture

What is this digital design talk

Wednesday March 25, 2009

Noon-1pm, room 106

Keith Besserud is a studio head at the Chicago office of SOM (Skidmore Owings & Merrill, LLP).  His studio is known as BlackBox, and utilizes cutting-edge digital design and computational techniques that exemplify SOM’s innovative approach to problem-solving and design. BlackBox contributes SOM’s rigorous inter-disciplinary process in areas of urban planning, architectural space planning, complex building geometry, sustainable design, and much much more.

Keith will discuss and demonstrate the innovative approaches that his
team utilizes in the design process.  On a technical level, BlackBox
incorporates scripting, genetic algorithms, parametric modeling, emergent
behavior and other digital means of analyzing and proposing various design solutions for very large scale global projects.



The Wednesday afternoon experimental design class is creating and building Slik:

Student lounge and information kiosk on the 4th floor !

Check out the slikwalk 1:

Check out the slikwalk 2:

Check out the Slik project:


Be slik! Donate $1 for your future student lounge and  information kiosk on the 4th floor!

Bring your buck to Peter or one of his experimental design students!

Come to the great SLIK Fund Raising Party , Open Bar (+21)

March 6!  9 pm – 12 pm.
Where: The Stretch 3485 North Clark Street Chicago.
Be there!



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