Student Lounge and Information Kiosk (SLiK)

Hello Harrington Students:

As you all may already know, The Harrington Student Government & Peter Klick’s Experimental Design class are creating the new Student Lounge and Information Kiosk (SLiK)!

This is to be a space unlike the work and lunch areas that we already have here at Harrington; it is to be a place of comfort, relaxation, community, and a place to post event and job information.

As the masterminds of this project, we have the challenge to raise almost all of the money ourselves and in any creative way possible!

We have come up with a few solutions that you may be able to help us with:

  • Our class has decided to conduct a three day, all day bake sale, to be held on the 3rd floor, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, March 24th, 25th, and 26th. We are asking for your help in donating or purchasing baked goods (homemade or store-bought) that we might be able to sell here at Harrington.
  • One dollar donations (drop off with Student Government-Suite 411/Peter Klick/Student Services-Suite 212 or during the bake sale).

If you would like more information about the space, you may view the SLiK hub on the Harrington portal, as well as, slikwalk1 and slikwalk2 mockups on

Baked goods are to be delivered to the 4th floor Student Government office room 408, no earlier than Monday the 23rd and no later than Thursday the 26th.


DSN426 Experimental Design Students and SLiK members