DC Comics Scholarship Contest For Current Harrington Students

Abs-JusticeProject Description
Print advertisement in support of the November 2009 release of DC Comics’ Absolute
edition of JUSTICE, along with a similarly themed online banner ad

  • Print advertisement will run primarily as a “housead”  in select DC comic book titles, with the possibility of a concurrent run in selectVertigo and WildStormtitles
  • Companion bannerad will run online at select DCComics imprint-specific websites

Primary Target
Readers of DC Comics comic books, primarilyMale, ages 18-49

Secondary Target
DirectMarket retailers (comic book shops) and booksellers; ad campaign itself will be used by DC Comics Sales &Marketing as part of the retail “sell-in” process

Target Appeal
DC’s Absolute edition of JUSTICE (more commonly referred to as ABSOLUTE JUSTICE)
will appeal to the following consumer bases:

  • Fans of the original best-selling 12 issue comic book series, JUSTICE, and/or the subsequently released “collected edition” of JUSTICE, published as three distinct volumes
  • Fans of DC comic book stories featuring Superman, Batman,WonderWoman, GreenLantern, The Flash,Aquamanand othermembers of The Justice League of America
  • Fans of acclaimedartist andstoryteller,AlexRoss, aswell ashis otherwell-known works, including the best-selling DC Comics series KINGDOMCOME
  • Fans and collectors of DC Comics’ Absolute Editions


  • Use the visual elements provided to inspire fans to purchase the book
  • Consider the use of one or two reviewquotes (supplied)
  • Ensure that a sense of excitement, fun and importance (as befits an Absolute Edition) is included in the creative execution