Daily Archives: July 29, 2009

Design Atelier is hiring

The Design Atelier is hiring Student Workers

Both FWS and Non-FWS Positions are avaiblable

To determine FWS Eligibility contact Financial Aid

Job Description:
Responsible for, but not limited to retrieving and maintaining resource materials for students and faculty usage.  Displaying student and faculty work as a source of inspiration in the galleries.  Specific duties include maintaining the resource bulletin board, assisting students and faculty with materials for projects or lectures, maintaining a database of design firms, showrooms, suppliers and manufacturers of design materials, maintaining a database of student and faculty work for display, managing gallery space throughout the campus, and special projects as assigned.

If you are interested in working at the Design Atelier AND are studying Interior DESIGN, please bring current resume to Student Employment Coordinator Stephanie Graham to Room 411 in The Center for Professional Development.

Questions please call Stephanie at 312.697.8091