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FOCUS GROUP, Harrington College of Design’s Digital Photography Department’s Student Organization invites all DP students to attend their meetings held every Wednesday at Noon on the Fifth floor behind the Glass Doors to the right of the elevators.


Saverio Truglia Photography Lecture

Saverio Truglia is coming to Harrington to talk about his career in photography. Come to listen and ask questions from a working photographer. Soon this will be you!!!
Born on the Atlantic northeast and raised on pasta, Saverio  makes his home in Chicago. A chef, an art lover, a cyclist, and loving home-improver, life gets into his art. His photography represents this world swirling with joy and tension, humor and doubt, yet happily ordered with a signature style and technique.
Saverio is requested for his relevant, concept driven imagery and polished productions.  His work has gained a reputation in industry competitions and is commissioned for national and international advertising campaigns and publications.

Check out Saverio’s work: http://www.saveriotruglia.com/

OCTOBER 8 2009
ROOM 106

If you have questions contact Stepanie Graham. 312.697.8091

Stephanie Graham
Student Employment Coordinator
Career Service Advisor:Digital Photography
Harrington College of Design
tel: 312.697.8091  fax: 312.697.8055

HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) Lecture and Hands-on Demonstration

On Saturday, September 26 th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM in Room 515 at Harrington College of Design, Photographer and Harrington Instructor, Tim Arroyo teaches the art of High Dynamic Range photography.  The technique uses a series of varying exposures and combines them with HDR software.  It is a Lecture/Studio class allowing the student to leave Harrington with an HDR print in their hand and an understanding of the HDR process.

  • General Public:                                                                    $90
  • ASMP / APA / C3 / PPA / Harrington Alumni          $70
  • Photo Degree Seeking Students                                      $35
  • Lecture Only                                                                        $65

Payment Options: Cash, Check or Charge

Contact: Camille Harris, Asscoiate Director of Career Services  312.697.8035  charris@interiordesign.edu