Professionals Night Fall 09

Check the Pictures from the  great event:

We invited exclusive professionals from the Interior Design Industry to take a look at the work of our interior design students and give them creative input and a constructive midterm critique.

About 25 senior students took advantage of this great opportunity and showed the professionals their progress  from ID3, Thesis Prep, Thesis, Experimental Design and Portfolio for ID classes. They also made great contacts with designers  from the Industry and exercised their presentation skills in order to get ready, go out and do the exciting real thing; to be an interior designer!

 A big thank you to all the great Designers who came to Harrington and gave the students valuable input and critique. The students appreciate your advice very much and got a lot out of this event!

We will see you again in the coming spring semester.   


The 7 Professional Night Awards,  Fall 09  are  going  to:


Heather Harmston

Janel Nordlund

Jennifer Sompolski

Ji  Youn Kim

Meredith Gannon

Terese Poulos

Tiffany Medlong

Congratulations Students, great Job!

Thank you to the Harrington Alumni Association for helping organizing this event!



The attending  Critique Designers:


1.Sara Sacra

2.Steve Johnson

3.Lauren Thomas

4.Dan Kufner

5.Gwen Williams

6.Kaila Kirkpatrick   

7.Beth DeBonis

8.H. Brian Hanes

9.Jessica Statz

10.Todd Heiser

11.Li Ping Hung

12.John Schweder

13.Jessica Peroutky

14.Thomas Marquardt

15. Demetra Vartzikos


Please come back in spring!