The deadline has been extended for International Studies applications!

The deadline has been extended for International studies applications. You now have until this Friday, February 5, to turn in your complete application for International Studies. Please see below for detailed information on the trips to Greece and Japan.

International Studies 2010

We are pleased to announce two travel/study opportunities for 2010. We’ll have a short trip during the spring/summer semester break and a long trip during the summer semester. Students will take one or two courses with each trip for 3 or 6 credits; the related courses will be scheduled in the Summer 2010 semester.

Japan (Kyoto/Tokyo)

April 26 – May 6

ELE331 History of East Asian Interiors and Architecture (a graduate-level version of the course will be offered for MID/MAID students)

DSN426 Experimental Design

Faculty Leader Crandon Gustafson (John Martin-Rutherford will co-teach ELE331 in Chicago)

Cost for accommodations, tours and field trips $3,900

Program Fee $300 (non-refundable)

Estimated airfare $1,300

Plus tuition and fees for one or two classes

Greece (Athens)

June 7 – July 16


HUM250 Greek Culture

DSN250 Studio Practice in Greece

Faculty Leader Demetra Vartzikos

Cost for accommodations, tours and field trips $5,400

Program Fee $300 (non-refundable)

Estimated airfare $1,500

Plus tuition and fees for one or two classes


Applications will be due Friday, February 5 at 4 pm. With your application, please note the earliest time you are available to interview. The program fee and first installment payment will be due February 12th. Group size will be ten to fourteen students (we need a minimum number for the trips to go; participation will be subject to a selection process through the application, statement of interest, and work sample submittals); applicants are encouraged to submit their materials early.


ID courses are listed, but CD or DP students may participate and identify an appropriate course or courses with their department chair. In the past, photography students have received credit for Travel and Stock Photography, for example. In addition, both instructors have indicated their willingness to entertain additional course needs for possible inclusion.


The International Studies Handbook and application forms will be accessible on the portal the first full week of January, 2010. Questions regarding program procedures, financial aid eligibility, and the application process may be directed to Crandon Gustafson, Director, Harrington Center for Professional Development at Write “International Inquiry” in the email subject line. Please be patient, some questions may be referred to Academics or the Financial Aid office.