Professionals Night, Interior Design, Fall Semester 2010, Harrington College of Design.


Please see all the pictures:

Approximately 20 courageous Harrington Interior Design Students presented their current in progress work to 20 highly experienced Interior Design Professionals.

The students received creative input and helpful constructive critique on their projects.

It was also a great opportunity to network/connect with the industry and exchange business cards!

A warm thank you to Tom Marquart and Sarah Kuchar for their help bringing the talented Interior Design Experts to the Harrington College.

Special thanks to all the Experts:

James Kursar,  Dawn D’Orso,   Julie Amato-Kohl    Tom Marquardt                                                                                                                               

Lynne Marrs,  Vince Gammino,    Daniel Fogerty , John Rouse,  Jim Wild, Lauren Hoffman,   John Kelly, Lena Kitson, Dianna Schlaff  Alison Wilcox, 

Meredith Smerchek, Jessica Statz, Tim Wolfe,   Sarah Kuchar,  Li-Pei Schweder

My thanks to all participants. 

Please join us again in the Spring Semester!