Harrington College of Design: Fieldtrip to Primitive and The Golden Triangle!

If you missed this great Fieldtrip you can see the images here:


About 22 Interior Design Students and 3 Faculty Members were enjoying this  fresh tour in to the past.

Thanks  a lot to Glen Joffe owner of Primitive and Douglas Van Tress, one of the owners from The Golden Triangle for the fantastic tours!

Glen Joffe is offering to our students and faculty that we are using his amazing library in the first floor oat Primitive as a reference library. 
 Go and visit those amazing stores Primitive and the Golden Triangle, they are only a few blocks from our campus! You can learn a lot there and you can find great  inspiration.   In the past are the secrets, you need to explore them…

What  fantastic mystical places full of  exquisite culture form all over the world!

Primitive, 130 North Jefferson
 Golden Triangle,  330 N. Clark St.

Thank you  for participating!