1,000 Cranes for Japan

1,000 Cranes . . .

1 Heartfelt Wish.

The 1,000 Cranes Campaign

Japanese legend associates the crane with peace, good health and prosperity.  It is believed that anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted a wish.  The Harrington community would like to offer a wish to Japan:  A swift recovery in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami, the joyful reunion of family and friends separated in the wake of the disaster, and a safe resolution to the nuclear issues currently threatening the country.

In order to make that wish come true, the Peer Success Program will be sponsoring a fundraiser called the 1,000 Cranes Campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to “sell” at least 1000 origami cranes to students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Those who participate may either fold their own crane for $1, or purchase a pre-made crane for $2.  Upon conclusion of the fundraiser, the cranes will become part of a unique installation on campus, and the funds raised will be donated to the Association for Aid and Relief, Japan.   The fundraising effort will run from March 30th to April 8th.  Those interested in purchasing cranes will find the 1,000 Cranes Campaign table in the 3rd floor student lounge during the lunch and dinner breaks.  Volunteers are needed to man the campaign table as well as fold origami cranes.  Those wishing to volunteer should contact Renee Darosky at rdarosky@harringtoncollege.com.