Fall 2011 Graduate Teaching Assistant Positions

Fall 2011 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Positions (TA)

Available for Qualifying MID/MAID Students


The primary responsibilities of the TA are related to specific undergraduate course content, and will be determined by the Faculty member teaching the course. Generally the TA will assist in the classroom, participate in group and individual critiques, and provide assistance to students outside of class. Responsibilities may also include class-related research, preparation of presentation materials, and grading assistance. Masters students will find the TA positions invaluable in developing their own pedagogy and teaching philosophy for Interior Design courses. We encourage applicants to be specific about areas of interest in teaching.

Minimum qualifications

§ MAID student who has completed 4 semesters or MID students

§ Education as a career goal

§ Description of financial need

§ Minimum current GPA of 3.8

§ Excellent people skills

§ Excellent verbal and writing skills

§ Excellent digital skills (Minimum: AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and Photoshop) 


§ Employment application form

§ Curriculum Vitae

§ Maximum 500 word bio focused on your personal and career goals and interests

§ Maximum 300 word description of your financial need

§ Minimum 10-page portfolio showing your best design work and demonstrating excellence in the required digital skills

§ Proof of current GPA

§ Application must be submitted in the following formats: 8.5×11 hardcopy and PDF

2010-11 ga scholarship application    Graduate Teaching Assistant Application Checklist

Completed application packets must be submitted to Brittney Walker or Daniela Ghertovici in room 308 before 5:00pm Friday, August 19th 2011