DSN 426 Experimental Design Furniture Design; Spring 2012 Outline

-Students learn about the construction of furniture:

 Tools, Joinery, Material, Finishes, Upholstery,                                                      Practical exercise with hand tools.  How to build a chair: The 2×2 chair

-Students practice how to build small furniture:

The 2×2 chair:  to build a chair only out of 2”x 2” lumber plus 1 material of choice.

Lear how to hold a hammer and a nail, how to drill holes, how use a screw driver, how to use finishes like dyes and…

 -Students learn about s the business of furniture industry, “the furniture’s way”:

 The process from the designer to the manufacturers production to the furniture fairs, in to the showrooms of the manufacturer and the vendor and then to the Interior     Designers and Architects to the End User.

-Students learn about Furniture Designers and Manufacturers and their product:

Do you know what Zanotta is? E 15? Promemoria? Established&Sons? Sawaya Moroni?  Do you know Moooi, Moroso, Poltrona Frau and Cappellini….?

Do you know Bram Boo, Mario Gamper,  Jaime Hayon,  Matteo Thun,  Garetano Pesce, Arne Quinze, Marten Baas and the Campagna Brothers?

-Students learn how to design furniture.

Research the furniture market,   research the ergonomics, the  size of the human body

And design the  furniture you always wanted to design …  price it out do the math and do the marketing and create a sales catalogue for it.

Students go on Field Trips

Upholstery Fieldtrip, Wood Shop Fieldtrip, Wright20 Auction House Fieldtrip,

OrangeSkin and Luminaire Fieldtrip,  …and have you been at the Fiera in Milan or at the ICFF in NYC?

Undergrad and Grad Students:

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The Self Assembly Chair by Enzo Mari for Artek