Oscar Isberian and Harrington College Rug Design Competition

Design a Rug in size   4′- 0 x 6′- 0

Your Design must be size 8x12inch printed or  mounted on an 11x17inch cardboard.

You must define the colors with pantone colors on the back side of the board. You can find Pantone Colors in the library.


Deadline is April 9, 2012: Deliver the boards to Peter Klick  in room 308

Questions: pklick@interiordesign.edu  phone312 697 8110

There will be and exhibition and a Jury Event at the spring Senior Show.

The 7 best will be produced by Oscar Isberian  and auctioned off at another event when they arrive.

All profit above the production cost is yours!


All Harrington Students and Alumni are invited! A total of 2 entries are allowed per person.


Check out all the designs from previous rug competitions on flickr:



Be creative! http://www.flickr.com/photos/klickli/6790022689