Fall 2012 Final Project Pick Up Deadline Friday, February 8th!

Please come by the faculty department room 308, Monday thru Friday from 10am-5pm to retrieve your Fall 2012 final project.


Fall 2012 Final Project Pick Up Deadline is Friday, February 8th.  Projects not retrieved by the assigned deadline will be discarded.


The following instructors have projects available in room 308 for pick up:


Denis Nervig PHO249

Tim Arroyo DIM114, DIM320, DIM120

Deb Fletcher PHO214

Joe Byrnes

Clarissa Bonet ELE236, ELE536

Amber Parker ELE236, ELE536

Annette McCarthy DSN152, ART202

Duffy O’Connor Art101, Art111

Lesley Christien COM203

Melinda Huestis ART550

Ron Gould BUS241

Lilly Rios DSN152

Dan McManus TYP202, TYP502

Laura Mackin ART110, ART111

Helen OH ART110

Adam Frommelt DSN101

Joe Babula DSB236, DSN504

Ed Wesly

John Kelly DSN337


If your instructor’s name does not appear on the above list, please contact them via email regarding the return of your Fall 2012 semester final project.