Gifts to the Harrington Library

On occasion the Harrington College of Design Library is the recipient of the largesse of faculty members or local design firms who are clearing out their book shelves or offices. Recently the library benefited from several notable donations of library materials.

This year a Chicago graphic designer, Mark Duebner, moved his office to the West Coast. Through the efforts of Brad Kisner, he donated much of his office library to Harrington. Included were some great graphic design books and dozens of CD’s with images and photographs that Harrington’s design students will find useful. The gift included back issues of LiquidLibrary, a CD library of hundreds of royalty-free photographs and illustrations to download. These CD’s are non-circulating and can be found on the library’s AV shelves.

John Martin-Rutherford, Chair of Harrington’s Interior Design program, generously donated many books from his office shelves to the Harrington Library recently, making some fine additions to our interior design collection. After the Library staff carefully vets the donations in order to add all the items which are not already in our collection or which are not inappropriate or out-of-date, the remainder of the items are offered to our faculty for their shelves and to students.

In addition, Harrington was the recipient of many copies of the book “Phonebooths & Mailboxes: The Way We Work Now,” published by the local office landscaping design firm Teknion. Free copies of the book are available in the library and other locations around the school. We appreciate the generosity of Teknion!