Filter Photo Festival comes to Harrington this week

For the third year in a row, we have hosted the opening lecture for the Filter Photo Festival (view the PDF program here).  This years lecturer is Curtis Mann and is well worth checking out.  In addition to Curtis Mannbeing here on campus (Wednesday 9/25 at 7:30pm), we have been extended a very special opportunity to host Aline Smithson just for Harrington students on Thursday afternoon at 1:00pm also in Room 106.

She will talk about her work, the challenges of developing long term projects and strategies to get your projects seen.  Because of the Photography Departments sponsorship of Filter Photo Festival we are receiving this fantastic opportunity.  Please come out and support your Department, Aline and Filter Photo.

We will also have David Bram of Fraction Magazine with us on Friday from 1–3pm in the 5th floor lounge for short one-on-one portfolio reviews.  I know its early in the semester and you may not feel you have a portfolio ready but this is a rare opportunity that should not be missed. Just bring prints and get some feedback, it will be well worth it.

Lastly, the Portfolio Walk on Saturday night is another fantastic event to attend and/or participant in.  If you have not done a portfolio walk before,  I can’t tell you how much inspiration and camaraderie you will come away with.  Every time I have attended one I’ve come away fired up and wanting to shoot, I even met our very own Clarissa Bonet at the SPE portfolio walk in San Francisco last year.  If you don’t want to show work, it is still worth checking out.  I’ll look for you there!

If you have any questions about attending any of these events please feel free to get in touch with me (  These events are here for you to learn and network.

Lastly, RSVP now for the October 10th  ‘Find Your Place In Space‘ event with space related snacks (Milky Way, Starburst, Space Ice Cream etc) and bar.  This event will highlight our successful Holga Strastophere Project and the students who pulled it off.  After you RSVP, feel free to share it with your friends.

Studio Leader, Photography Programs
Harrington College of Design

FILTER Photo Festival 2013