Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus Now Available as Linked Open Data

Linked Open Data / Vincent van Gogh's Irises

“The Getty has released the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)® as Linked Open Data. The data set is available for download at under an Open Data Commons Attribution License.

“The Art & Architecture Thesaurus is a reference of over 250,000 terms on art and architectural history, styles, and techniques. It’s one of the Getty Research Institute’s four Getty Vocabularies, a collection of databases that serves as the premier resource for cultural heritage terms, artists’ names, and geographical information, reflecting over 30 years of collaborative scholarship.

“Linked Open Data is a way of publishing information so it can be connected with other information (linked) and freely used (open). Making data both linked and open makes it widely accessible and easy to recombine with information from other sources to create new knowledge.

“Because Linked Open Data is specifically structured to “talk” to other data across the Internet, it makes new webs of connections, and therefore new discoveries, possible.

“Let’s take a work of art—Van Gogh’s Irises—as just one example. Linked data makes it possible to find information available globally about Van Gogh—images and information about his other works previous owners, conservation treatments, exhibitions, other artists in his circle, current events at the time and place he painted Irises, letters and primary documents, sales records, the location of the actual painting, and more.”

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