Print Center: Now Hiring

Meet new people, learn lots about printing and make some cash between classes! Stop by the Print Center on the 5th floor and pick up your application today.

Interior Design, Photography and Communication/Graphic Design students are all welcome to apply—Graduate and Undergraduate. The best applicants have been at Harrington for a few semesters and are familiar with using the Print Center. Stop up and ask Austin, Gina, Jake or Cari for more information if you are interested, but not sure! We are looking to start (paid) training towards the end of this semester so you will be ready to work this Fall when things start to get busier with the influx of new students. 10–20+ Hours/week. $10/hour.

This is not a Federal Work Study position (no restrictions related to FA).

E  P 312/697-8042  Hrs

The Print Center is Now Hiring

The Print Center is Now Hiring.

Print Center Summer Hours