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do you even ISH?

The Illustrators Society at Harrington (ISH) is a non for profit

organization which is free to all faculty, students, alumni, and

non-Harrington affiliated contributors as vehicle to share and

publish illustrative works free of charge. We hold monthly meetings

and publish an illustration annual every fall (this is year six) to

promote a sense of community around illustration and drawing.

By now, kind reader, you might know some of us by

name; this year will reconnect you with old friends and

introduce you to new ones. How do we capture and share

the complex world around us? How do we tell the stories

of our time and preserve the characters we meet for

antiquity? Gathered here for you is a collection captured

by pencil, pen, brush, phone, camera, & laser.

Submitted for your approval: we bring you portraiturish,

a not necessarily disconnected collection of very diverse

work. The portrait theme took some interesting turns

of interpretation and got our dear, photography friends

involved. Enjoy these characters, stories, and commentaries

on the people, places, and things we have met.

Below is our mission. As always we seek to create,

support, and expand our community of artists. ISH holds

no official political positions or views. The work presented

here solely expresses the opinion’s of the contributing

artists. Contributor works are the intellectual property of

the individual artists.


mission: To raise awareness of illustration as a vehicle for social commentary, cultural unity, and communicating shared experience that is viable, attainable, and beneficial to communities local and global.

a free PDF of this years annual is available at: http://www.lulu.com/shop/adam-frommelt/portraiturish/ebook/product-21902108.html


Adam C. Frommelt
Adjunct Professor
Harrington College of Design