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Extended Hours for Finals Week at the Print Center


Submit your files via email to printcenter@harrington.edu by 5pm for morning pickup.
Please allow an extra day for any laminated boards (48 hours).
Check out our webpage at bit.ly/HCDprintcenter for lots of useful information about printing!

We will be here on Saturday, April 12th so come stop by!


HCD Student Government launches hcdstudentgov.webs.com

Jessica  and Jake  invite you to check out the new and informative website of Harrington’s Student Government (http://hcdstudentgov.webs.com). It features their Upcoming and Past Events, the Goals broken down by semester, Minutes from past meetings, and clever bios of the Officers. Meetings are every Monday on the 1st Floor Mezzanine at 5pm.

Check it out at hcdstudentgov.webs.com!

Visit the new website at hcdstudentgov.webs.com now! Click here!

National LGBT Ally Week comes to Harrington

Ally Week is a national youth-led effort empowering students to be allies to LGBT individuals.

Stop by the 1st floor at any of these times to sign the anonymous Ally Pledge to stand up against bullying, harassment and name-calling!

Mon 10/21, 12:15–1pm, 4–5:30pm
Tues 10/22, 4–5:30pm
Wed 10/23, 8–9am
Thu 10/24, 4–5:30pm

Harrington branded gear is “here”

Now available for purchase online. Check out all the options!

Harrington branded gear is now available for purchase online thru Harrington’s online bookstore, textbookx.com.

Well, it’s available online for purchase, anyway! Visit harrington.textbookx.com and click the graphic for SCHOOL MERCHANDISE (for you visual people, the graphic looks like… SCHOOL MERCH). Simply pay online and have the items shipped to you. Choose Economy shipping to save some money if you can wait a few weeks!

There are yoga pants (item W550), zip hoodies (item 7711), recycled fleece scarves (item 441012) and more! Choose your color combos. Check it out!

Harrington’s online Student Gallery is live!

Finally, you can visit harrington.edu/About-Harrington/Student-Gallery and check out the great design and photography student work from the last 4 semesters here at Harrington!

Graduate work (beneath GD/CD and ID respectively) has it’s own “tab” so be sure to check that out as well!

screen grab of harrington.edu/About-Harrington/Student-Gallery

Check it out at harrington.edu/About-Harrington/Student-Gallery

Check out Safari Books Online


Log into your portal to access the Library’s databases.

Did you know that you have access to over 15,000 ebooks in business and technology from your student or faculty portal account? The Safari Books Online digital library, available through the Cybrary, provides online access to technology, creative, and business books from leading publishers and authors. You can find ebooks on design, graphic design, illustration and graphics, CAD, photography, photo manipulation, and web design and development, among other topics.

Log into your portal account. Click on the Library link in the upper menu. Click on Find articles and ebooks under the e-Resources icon on the Library home page. You will see a list of databases and ebook collections; scroll to the very bottom to Safari Books Online. Clicking on the URL in the title will open a page in a new window.

You may browse by using the featured categories in the column on the left of the screen. For example, open up Digital Media and click on CAD. You may scroll down the list of 37 ebooks returned in your search, or sort them by publication date.

However, you may search the entire available Safari Book collection by typing in search terms in the box at the upper right. For example, “Adobe Photoshop CS6” returns 146 ebooks. These results can be narrowed further by using the terms on the left of the screen, such as Publication Year.

By clicking on the title of a book, you open up a record giving you more information about the publication, including an overview of the book and a table of contents. The table of contents has direct links to the chapter or topic you wish to read. Or you may click on the Start Reading button on the upper right which takes you to the full text of the book. The full text of all these publications can be read right online on your computer!

Just a few caveats, however. Only a quota of a few pages can be printed; you are not allowed to print out the full book. (Why would you want to?) Also, no more than one person at a time is allowed to log into a book.

Please check out this great source for the latest editions of technical manuals and most recent publications to support your classroom projects!